About Quiroga's...

We currently have 3 locations on Chicago's beautiful north side.  Location 1 (Southport) was established in 1989 as Shine Bright.  Location 2 ( Grand Ave) was started in February of 1994 as Quiroga's.  At that time location 1 was changed to Quiroga's as well.  in February of 2000 location 3 ( Milwaukee) was opened.

Our Success
Our success is mainly due to our people in the corporation who take care of customers with exceptional service, low prices and create a friendly atmosphere.

We at Quirogas hope to see you in the near future and hope that every visit to our establishments is a great and happy experience, please feel free to email us with any of your concerns, questions or comments.

            Rocky Quiroga

We are family owned and have been in the auto industry since 1987.  The best way to describe us is hard work for our customers at very fair prices- this has remained constant through the years.  Since we have opened our car washes and detail shops, we have raised our prices to offset our costs in the industry and for this we feel confident.  During these trying times we have flooded our areas with coupons, early bird and now internet savings coupons to help our customers come back again and again.

We have developed a couple of new saving type programs for our customers to take advantage of.

  1. Our loyalty card program.  Quiroga car wash has our own stored value card (like a debit card).  Holders of this card get 2 free car washes with he purchase of 10.  These cards can also be used as gift certificates allowing the recipient to take advantage of this great offer.
  2. Internet refer a friend program.  Any friend you refer to us which takes advantage of any internet specials will receive credits towards car washes and details.
  3. Jewel / Dominick's receipt coupons.  Discount coupons can be found on the back of receipts at local Jewel and Dominick's stores near our 3 locations.


3448 N Southport
Chicago, IL 60657

Phone:  773-477-2286
Fax:      773-477-4601


2036 W Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60612

Phone:  312-850-2474


Quiroga's Car Wash
3389 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641

Phone:  773-427-9800