Quiroga's Community Help Fund-Raising Programs


Advantages of Quiroga's Fund-Raising Program

Your organization keeps 20% of the money you collect.
Your sponsor receives a quality service for their donation
Car wash certificates can be used by almost anyone. Guaranteed customer satisfaction
Car wash certificates can be sold at any time of the year and make excellent gifts. Vehicles are washed in an environmentally friendly manner, not a "parking lot area" polluting streams.


How It Works…

Package 1:  Organization Account

  1. Setup an account with car wash to monitor your sales
  2. We stamp customer receipts
  3. We hold a receipt and customer gets a copy of receipt
  4. You collect copies of receipts
  5. We match your copies to ours
  6. You receive 20% of total sales
  7. No cost to you

Package 2: Gift Certificates

  1. Get gift certificates from carwash
  2. One copy is for you and the other is for the customer
  3. Bring in the total copies
  4. You receive 20% of total sales
  5. No cost to you


Your non-profit organization keeps 20% of the money you raise.

There's no catch! it's that easy!!

Start fund-raising today!!!


Your Organization Benefits By:

  • Raising large sums of money quickly, with no products to buy or spoil.
  • Joining forces with an established well-recognized business.
  • Relinquishing all the expensive and time-consuming paperwork, coupons, etc. to S Car Wash.
  • Providing car wash certificates to almost anyone.


Quiroga's Car Wash Benefits By:

  • Making a donation to your organization
  • Lending community support
  • Demonstrating our quality services
  • Attracting future customers
Let's Do It!!!

For Additional Information Call:

Rocky Quiroga (847) 489-6835